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10 DIY Ideas For fun

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Cute Little Mason Jars

What do you need?

1. Mason Jars . (I used those ).

2. Acrylic Paints- I bought this set because they are just enough for what I needed. small sized and not too much left overs. and such nice colors.

3. Sand Paper: I like using the cubed ones for easy holding but Any sand paper will do. but if you are lazy to look for it, use this link: Sand paper

What to do?

  1. Paint each Jar with at least 2 coats. if doing project with kids please take into consideration that drying takes time.. and they do not loke to wait..

  2. Let Dry

  3. With your sand paper, Gently rub the jar until

you like what you see

  1. You can tie a string around the neck or not.. but those can be used as flower holders, utensils holders for your next BBQ, on your desk, in your kitchen, ANYWHERE.

I will soon upload the picture of my project but this one is pretty close to what i came up with.

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